Sunday, November 28, 2010

A OneShot from yellowglue

On Top of the Covers
         (with love, on your birthday)
         To: TwiCharmed
         From: YellowGlue

never in the sheets, she likes it on top of the covers...
         -Girl Talk: Play Your Part

One year ago today, I was carrying her from the forest floor - passed out, freezing cold.  Her red-from-the-wind cheeks had matched her red-from-crying eyes.

Not her birthday, but two days after it.  That day we don’t talk about...

She spent her birthday this year in Florida with her mother, and two days later now, she was due at the airport any minute.

I shifted my weight from my left foot to my right where I stood next to Charlie, awaiting her arrival.  We made eye contact in our peripherals, each of us semi-smiling. 

Awkward.  Standing next to him was beyond awkward.

Last year we were friends - or the closest thing Charlie had to friends for as much time as he liked to spend alone.  He’d fallen all over himself thanking me for weeks for returning his daughter to him safe and sound.

The last few months had been a slightly different story though. 

In truth and fairness, that was both our faults.  While Charlie didn’t “know” anything for a fact, the way she looked at me was obvious to anyone who could see it, and I hadn’t kept her very honest when I was helping her sneak out her window every other night.

I couldn’t help it.  She hadn’t given it up yet, but fuck if I didn’t want to spend every hour I could with my body up against hers.

Over our clothes usually.  Mouths open, taking and giving kisses in turn.  Hands coming to know the feel of one another's hardest and softest places.  On top of the blankets in my bed, we’d turn and tangle for hours, until she was this blushing, begging little thing, whimpering and grinding and all Please, Sam... Please.

When I lit her up just right - teased her relentlessly and drew her pleasure out with soft touches, kissing and sucking and nipping with my teeth at the bottom of her tummy where she’d let me push her shirt up... When I held her release from her and made her me ask for it, she’d shake from her head to her curling little toes when she came, bucking her hips against my hand through her jeans.  Then she’d erupt into this adorable fit of almost completely breathless giggles. 

I loved that sound, loved seeing that smile on her face.  All pleased and grateful, not a worry or care or pain in her whole world.  I wanted to make her that happy all the time.

I licked my lips and dropped my eyes to my shoes, trying to hide the grin the following thought brought to my face.

I could just tie her to my bed and keep her there.  Feed her by hand.  Tease and worship her body with mine, constantly - the way it deserves to be.  The way she deserves to be.

I dragged my hand down my face, pushing the thought from my mind.  The last thing I needed while I was standing next to her Dad was a hard-on. 

I scanned the crowds of people for her face, looking for her in an effort to clear my mind.  It was really no use though.  I hadn’t seen her in days, and every part of me was acutely and achingly aware of it: Her absence, my missing her.  Her pending arrival, all the things I wanted to do to show her how much I’d missed her... 

The night before she’d left, she’d surprised me in the best way. 

The blankets on my bed were a mess from the hour or so we’d spent twisting and rocking against one another.  I’d break from her lips to kiss her neck, the top of her chest, her stomach where she’d let me push her camisole up but not all the way off.  But I couldn’t stay away for long, I’d return my lips to hers after just minutes.  She had the sweetest mouth - all those soft sounds she made, the taste and feel of her tongue, the way her jaw would fall slack and her mouth would just hang open, gasping in shallow breaths right before she broke apart...

Her departure the next morning made me hungry for every kiss I could take before she left.  And she was not without want of her own.

“Relax, baby,” I shushed her gently, my lips near her ear.  She ground her hips against mine, desperate and frantic for friction, pressure, release.  She was working too hard.  She was going to lose it...

She groaned into the bend of my neck and I pressed my hand firmly between her legs, over her jeans.

“Bella, baby, relax.  I’ve got you.”

I could feel her through the denim, feel how much she wanted me.  I pressed harder against her, rubbing my fingers in a demanding pattern that exerted authority and made her coo as she gave in.

Without warning, she dragged her hand from where she was squeezing my shoulder down to her jeans.  Her other arm tightened around my neck, holding tightly to me as she undid the copper button and fly, and reached to tug my hand inside.

“I need you, please, Sam.  Touch - Ohhhhhh -”

Both of us lost our words as my hand slid against her.  She arched her back and bent her knees, and spread her legs farther apart for me, searching for a better angle, for more contact. 

I squeezed the back of her neck with my other hand, holding her in place and trying so hard to maintain control.  She whimpered louder, writhing upward against my body and I held her tighter still, closing my eyes, feeling her all hot against my hand.

My fingers slid up and down, spreading her open with each pass - she was soft, all soft and smooth and bare and so wet.  I held tight to her neck to keep from standing from the bed and turning on the light, tearing her jeans and panties from her because now that I’d felt her, I wanted so much to see her, naked and spread for me.  I held tight to her to keep from dropping down between her legs, and taking into my mouth, onto my tongue all the sweetness I felt all over my fingers.

Again and again she came, shaking hard, tears of too-much, too-good welling up in her eyes.  I was careful with her, staying mostly outside, rubbing tight little circles over and around her clit.  She was beyond words, but I listened carefully to the pitch of her cries and gave to her everything she needed. 

I dragged the last one out for so long she was almost completely incoherent, her head turned left into the pillows, her face twisted with need and pleading.  For long, slow minutes, I swirled my fingers between her clit and her opening, dipping inside and drawing more of her wetness out, rubbing it gently into the little nub, making her arms and legs and stomach all quiver. 

She was mumbling, begging these high-pitched, breathy sounds.  I gave in slowly.  Just the tip of my finger at first, then back out, then in again, a little deeper.

Then out again.

Then in again, a little deeper still.

She lifted her hips from the bed, arching her back higher, desperate.  I pressed the heel of my hand against her, pushing her back down into my bed. 

Her pleasure echoed in my ears and I slid my finger deeper, curling it gently inside her, coaxing her need out and making it mine.

She bloomed hotter against my hand, her whole body trembling as she crested.  Her cries gave way to airy laughter almost right away, and her arms wrapped tight around my neck, clinging to me, thanking me with the softest, most innocent and most exhausted little kisses. 

I rolled my eyes, willing my cock to stand down, turning my body momentarily to adjust it and keep it secret. 

The time and effort I spent willing it down was all for nothing though.  Bella arrived just minutes later, smiling bright.

Standing next to Charlie hadn’t been awkward at all; it was nothing compared to the ride back home. 

The way she looked at me was obvious to everyone that could see it, and I was counting the hours until I could help her sneak out her window and get her on top of the covers, in my bed.

A Birthday Preview from sleepyvalentina

For TwiCharmed's birthday, a Darkrooms and Safe Light preview...

The first time Edward was engaged isn’t like this. Though he cared for Rosalie, it wasn't at all like the passion he feels for Bella.  Edward and Rosalie grew up together; she'd become a ward of his father after her parents died of cholera while abroad. As a little girl she was pretty, if somewhat vacuous. Then Rosalie became a young woman—and a very beautiful one at that—and Edward finds himself interested in playing games with her in which she's not a knowing participant. From a tiny whole in the wall separating the linen closet from her bathroom he'd put there for this purpose, he watches her bathe, studying her perfect body. Her skin is flawless porcelain, her full breasts decorated with puffy, pink areolas and tiny inverted nipples. She gives Edward many orgasms without her consent.  Unbeknown to him, he isn't the only one.

Late one evening in Edward's twenty-second year, Rosalie enters the bathroom just as she always does, but this time, she's in hysterics. Seconds after she clicks the lock into place, Edward hears his father's voice. 

"I'm not changing my mind, Rosie." His words are slurred as if he's had a bit too much brandy. "If you don't get rid of the brat, I'll put you out on the street, and I'll make sure you never see a penny of your inheritance. I will not have a bastard running around here for everyone to see. Are we clear?"

"Yes, sir," she says between sobs. 

"When I return from my card game, I expect to find you a bit more accommodating. You're here on my whim; it's time you catered to them."

Rosalie lie on the bathroom floor sobbing,  and when she take off her dressing gown and chemise, her skin is covered in bruises. Edward doesn't have to wonder where they came from; he knows all too well the kind of man he father is. 

He doesn't watch her bathe. Instead, he goes to the hallway and waits for her to emerge. When she does, her face is red tear-stained; she's clutching her dressing gown closed tightly.

"Might I have a word with you, Rosalie?"

"Please, no," she says. "Not more of that..."

"Are you with child?"

Rosalie nods slightly, tears falling down her cheeks. 

Any doubt  Edward had regarding Rosalie's exact predicament is no longer present; he knows what he needs to do. 

A Special Message from Sweet Dulcinea

Hey girl!  I just wanted to pop in to say happy birthday and wish you the very best!  I hope it's a fantastic day and that you get everything (and anyone) you want  ;)   If you want to drop me a tweet with a pairing and prompt, I would love love love to write you a little bday drabble!

A Special Message from MasenVixen

Happy Birthday TwiCharmed!  

Readers like you are the reason we keep writing.  Thanks for being so supportive and just, in general, lovely. We love you muchly and hope you have a fantastic day!  xoxo M&V (MasenVixen)

A Special Message from Le Crepuscule

Happy Birthday beautiful!

You are such a wonderful person and I am so glad to have met you. I hope your birthday is fit for the wonderful person that you are!

Much love,

Brittany aka Le Crepuscule

A Birthday Outtake from jkane180

For Kari, the closet freak,

Here's how I think Jacob and vamp Bella would get down! Hope it satisfies your inner freak! ;-) Happy Birthday!!

Love you,

Jess (jkane180), the not-so-closet freak



“You shouldn’t be here,” I growled at her.

“I know,” she agreed.

“I hate you now.” I meant it. My first instinct was to rip her to shreds. My second was the same as it had always been: to make her mine. I hated her for tearing me in two.

“I know,” she said again.

And then she lunged at me. I felt the first ripplings of the wolf trying to break out, but the look on her face wasn’t what he expected to see, and I froze.

Her cold, hard mouth smashed into mine. I still couldn’t bring myself to move, but Bella didn’t seem to care. Her mouth worked against mine, her hands roamed my bare torso, and her pelvis came flush with mine.

“Please, Jacob,” she pleaded against my mouth. “Please pretend it’s still the old me. Just this one time. I need this. I need to be just Jake and Bells again.”

“You don’t look the same,” I complained, inadvertently moving my lips with hers. “You don’t smell the same or sound the same.”

“How do I taste?” she purred before delving her tongue into my mouth.

I moaned in spite of myself, caressing her tongue with my own. She didn’t taste like human Bella had, but I couldn’t deny that she was delicious.

“Jake and Bells never did this,” I said instead of telling her my thoughts.

“They should have,” she panted.

I couldn’t argue with that. I tried to lose myself in the kiss, focusing on the way Bella had looked when she was alive, but I couldn’t get past all the differences.

“I can’t,” I grumbled.

“Yes, you can, Jacob. You already are.” She placed one palm on my dick while the other arm forced my hand onto her breast. “I can feel how much you want me.”

“I wasn’t thinking of you.” That was a half-truth, and from the look in her eye, I could tell that Bella knew it.

“You can’t ever have her, Jacob. She’s dead. I’m here, and you can have me, but I won’t wait forever for you to make up your mind,” she said coldly, stepping away and turning her back to me. “You aren’t the same Jake either, you know. My Jacob promised to love me even after my heart stopped beating.”

Without thinking it through, I moved behind her, grabbed her hips, and pulled her ass roughly to grind my dick against it. She let out a gasp followed by a moan.

“I can’t treat you the way I would have treated her. I don’t love you.” Another half-truth that I’m sure she saw through.

“I know.”

With a growl, I pulled on her hair until she tipped her head back enough for my liking. I bit and sucked at her neck – in the exact spot I’d always imagined placing soft kisses on my Bella – hard enough to leave a hickey on a woman with blood in her veins. She ground her ass into me, and I moved my hands up under her shirt to knead her breasts roughly.

I wanted to fuck her just as much as I wanted to punish her for being the wrong Bella.

“Get naked,” I grunted.

She did as I asked while I watched, my emotions still warring within me. When she was finished, she moved back to me, attached her mouth to mine, and unfastened my shorts. I let her slip them off before I shoved her away from me.

“I don’t want to see your face,” I told her and pushed her toward a tree.

She braced her arms in front of her against the tree, apparently willing to let me take her however I wanted.

I closed the distance between us and forced her legs apart with my knee. My cock slipped between her legs to find her swollen and wet. I changed the angle and drove myself inside her, holding still once I was balls deep. I can’t say I’d have been any gentler if she hadn’t been ready for me; her frozen body could take my abuse.

Her cunt was cold when it should have been warm, but it was still so tight and wet, and I growled in frustration.

“Fuck me, Jake,” Bella panted, wriggling around on my dick.

I pounded into her with force, not caring whether the tree would scrape up her arms or her arms would cut the tree.

“Fuck!” I yelled in resentment. Why did she have to feel so right and so wrong at the same time?

Her pussy warmed up as I fucked her, and it would have been a little easier to pretend she was my Bella, but I was way beyond that. Maybe some other time. Maybe I could get her into a hot shower and then pretend I was making love to the real Bella.

Or maybe this would be the only time she came to me like this.

Bella was thrusting her hips in rhythm with mine and chanting my name breathily, and as her cries sped up, I guessed that she was getting close to coming. My balls tightened with the knowledge; I wanted to come with her. I kept up the same pace until she exploded, wailing my name, clenching around my cock, and dripping juice that was probably poisonous.

Despite it all, sensation won out over emotion, and I buried my dick all the way inside to shoot my load in her. I had to bite down hard on my tongue not to scream her name. I tasted blood and knew we were both being punished.

I stepped back and slid out of her, immediately wanting a shower. Could that shit hurt my dick?

“Don’t come back here, Bella. You broke the treaty for a fuck, and you might not find me willing to cooperate next time.”

She turned to face me, but I spun away. I let the wolf inside me break out and had to get away from Bella before he would attack her.

In the distance, I heard her say, “I know,” one final time.

A Special Message from Simone

Happy Birthday, Kari! 

You were one of my first Twi friends, and I'm so glad I've gotten to know you. You're a beautiful and positive person, and you bring so much light and fun to this fandom! 

Have a great day!