Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Birthday Outtake from Twisurfgrl

Sam’s List or 10 Things I’m Going to do to Bella Swan by Twisurfgrl

I’m the type of guy who gets what I want. End of story. I’m determined, I work hard, I’m organized and I don’t let obstacles stand in my way. I don’t have time for stupid shit like bucket lists or celebs I’d like to fuck lists. In fact, there’s only one list I have … 10 Things I’m Going to do to Bella Swan. And when I cross off everything on that list, I’ll be the happiest guy on the planet. ‘Cause when that shit’s complete, I’ll have accomplished the most difficult and important task in my life - claiming Bella Swan. She hasn’t fully accepted it yet, but that girl belongs to me, and I will claim what’s mine.  Go ahead, call me an arrogant or a cocky bastard. I am!   But when I have her bent over my kitchen table, skinny jeans shoved down around her knees, my dick buried balls deep in her pussy (#10) ...I know who’s name she’ll be screaming.  

I’ve known Bella all her life, Charlie’s been bringing her down to the rez forever.  Yeah, I’ll admit that I’ve always felt a pull toward Bella, but Christ, I’m 10 years older than her. I made myself stay away from her, had fun elsewhere -  I am a guy. Now that she’s legal, I’m done with that. I’m a man on a mission, with list in hand, and there’s no putting off the inevitable. She’s coming around, and I won’t take no for an answer. It’ll happen - slower than I want, but faster than she can imagine.  

Seeing Bella for the first time in her tiny bikini was a revelation.  Her little body, so slim and mostly naked just about killed me. I didn’t know I could walk around with a boner for that long and still live. But right there at Jake’s birthday party, feeling like a pervy creeper, I followed her around, dying to do all sorts of dirty things to her sexy body. I wanted to take off that little bikini top, in front of anyone that wanted to see, and just play with her fucking fantastic tits. I’d pinch her nipples, just hard enough to hurt - so she’d feel good. Then I’d lick and bite at those little berries and squeeze the plump sides until she came just from my mouth and my fingers on her tits. Yeah … I love Bella’s tits and that is a true fact. (#6)

It’s not just the sex (although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t horny as hell). Look at her, talking with Leah in the kitchen. I’ve never been poetic or anything, but the way the light shines in her pretty brown hair is really nice. And now she’s laughing, and her whole face lights up, as if the sun is shining from inside of her. She is my sun and I’m more than content with the pull I feel towards her. All I want to do is be where she is, be a part of whatever is happening with her. I want Bella in all ways possible. I can’t keep my eyes off of her … the guys know, but what’s new? I can’t hide anything from them, so I don’t even try to mask it anymore. Bella must feel my eyes on her, ‘cause she looks up and blushes when she catches my gaze.  I love to catch her blushing, it’s such a perfect combination of sweet, innocence and sexy. Causing Bella to blush at least once a day is high on my list of priorities (#4).

What else you wonder? I’d like to make her ass blush (#7).  Don’t give me that shocked look. Bella can be a fucking handful, figuratively and literally. Case in point. I slowly make my way towards the kitchen, keeping my eyes on Bella the whole time. I don’t want her running out on me, which she does when I make her nervous. And I make her nervous because I make her want things she hasn’t experienced before therefore doesn’t know how to deal with. Exactly the reason she fights this magnetic pull between us so fucking hard. I fucking love that … I get off knowing that I am the first guy she’s felt this way about.  Fuck! I can see her trying to get away before I get to her. That’s okay. I give her my best smile and picture my hand print turning pink on her lush ass. ‘Cause like I said, she’s a handful.  One I’ll definitely like dealing with. Do I want to tame her? Hell, no! What fun would that be?

Bella doesn’t know it, but I had a long talk with Charlie last week. I may have known both of them forever, but he is her father … and the town sheriff. The man has a gun, and he’s not afraid to use it. He was gruff and acted all grumpy and pissed when I told him I would be dating his daughter. Shit, I told him I was making her mine! So, yeah, he knows about my plans for Bella … well, the G-rated version at least. He definitely has not seen my list! But for all his fatherly concern and gruffness, I know there was relief in Charlie’s eyes when we had our little talk. I guess he’s ready for the right guy to take up the reigns of caring for Bella.  Being the man that I am, I did the old fashioned yet honorable thing and let him know I’d be dating Bella. There was no permission asked for or granted, but an understanding was reached, and as far as I am concerned, what Bella doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Bella turned from Leah and began slowly making her way towards the door, making sure never to make eye contact with me. It didn’t really matter, because I was going to follow where ever she leads me.  At least for now.  Someday soon, I’ll have Bella Swan and all the 10 things on my list will be complete.  Yep, all ten. I know I didn’t share everything on my list, but my philosophy is always leave them wanting more. I will share this last thing.  The number I’d be most happy to cross off? (#1) - Marry Bella Swan and make her mine. Forever.

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  1. omg! that was soooo good! you are continuing this right? RIGHT??

    i love a strong sam. yummy!