Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Birthday Preview from sleepyvalentina

For TwiCharmed's birthday, a Darkrooms and Safe Light preview...

The first time Edward was engaged isn’t like this. Though he cared for Rosalie, it wasn't at all like the passion he feels for Bella.  Edward and Rosalie grew up together; she'd become a ward of his father after her parents died of cholera while abroad. As a little girl she was pretty, if somewhat vacuous. Then Rosalie became a young woman—and a very beautiful one at that—and Edward finds himself interested in playing games with her in which she's not a knowing participant. From a tiny whole in the wall separating the linen closet from her bathroom he'd put there for this purpose, he watches her bathe, studying her perfect body. Her skin is flawless porcelain, her full breasts decorated with puffy, pink areolas and tiny inverted nipples. She gives Edward many orgasms without her consent.  Unbeknown to him, he isn't the only one.

Late one evening in Edward's twenty-second year, Rosalie enters the bathroom just as she always does, but this time, she's in hysterics. Seconds after she clicks the lock into place, Edward hears his father's voice. 

"I'm not changing my mind, Rosie." His words are slurred as if he's had a bit too much brandy. "If you don't get rid of the brat, I'll put you out on the street, and I'll make sure you never see a penny of your inheritance. I will not have a bastard running around here for everyone to see. Are we clear?"

"Yes, sir," she says between sobs. 

"When I return from my card game, I expect to find you a bit more accommodating. You're here on my whim; it's time you catered to them."

Rosalie lie on the bathroom floor sobbing,  and when she take off her dressing gown and chemise, her skin is covered in bruises. Edward doesn't have to wonder where they came from; he knows all too well the kind of man he father is. 

He doesn't watch her bathe. Instead, he goes to the hallway and waits for her to emerge. When she does, her face is red tear-stained; she's clutching her dressing gown closed tightly.

"Might I have a word with you, Rosalie?"

"Please, no," she says. "Not more of that..."

"Are you with child?"

Rosalie nods slightly, tears falling down her cheeks. 

Any doubt  Edward had regarding Rosalie's exact predicament is no longer present; he knows what he needs to do. 

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  1. omg what is he gonna do?!

    this was great. i really feel for rosalie and i was not at all squeeked by a relationship between edward and rosalie like i usually am.

    thanks so much for the preview!