Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Life to Live - a kari mini bio

With One Life to Live, Kari has decided to spend hers as a loving wife and mother. Oh yeah, and as a total Twilight junkie who requires hits of fanfic on a regular basis in order to maintain.

Like most of us, Kari's obsessed with everything Twilight. The books. The movies. The lifestyle. The fanfiction.

She wrote a couple stories of her own that have both received a great response, but considers herself as more of a reader. And man is she a reader. The more she read, Kari found herself gettin down with the vamps, focusing her palate on the AU. But not exclusively. Just like she's usually E/B, but not exclusively. Especially recently *cough* Sam/Bella h00r *cough*

The only things she likes more than consuming fic -- talking about fic. Which is how she came up with the idea for the Fic Pushin' Podcast. And the rest is Twific Pimp history.

Kari has also devoted passion and creativity to fandom endeavors like TwiFicNewsand the Fandom People Awards. Also, check her out as @TwiCharmed on twitter. You can spot her by her distinct avis <3

So why the mini bio? Because Kari is one of a kind. She's great-hearted, full of passion and creativity, and just straight up fun-spirited. If you don't already know her, you should.

(She's gonna kill me dead for talking about her in such a fashion.)

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