Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Charmed - the special power of Edward

Clearly Kari has a thing for this show - afterall, she named herself TwiCharmed. For those who don't know, Charmed was a show with these 3 sisters who had special powers of magic.

This segment is looking at the magic of E-D-W-A-R-D.

Talk about your special powers. 

As far as Kari is concerned, when it comes to Edward, you gotta invoke the power of 3:




Some exceptions to that rule come in the form of the human Edwards from some of Kari's favorite stories. Just a few examples of her favorite -wards:


EP's Gun-toting Mafiaward 
(me and my girlfriend)

WA's Assward

And when it comes to Edward, let us never forget the pretty.

What's not to love about the Moviewards?

(well, besides the sideburns in Eclipse)

Those are just some of Kari's favorite -wards.

What are yours?


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